Hola, Amigo! Pt. II

So in case you missed it, I recently blogged about a few Chinese phrases I really wish were commonplace in American English b/c they are so convenient. I couldn’t think of any instances in which Chinese phrases were used in common American English!

Turns out I just don’t use Chinese phrases very often. Thankfully I am in a program of 70 kids that have studied Chinese culture and language in some capacity and they reminded me of a few phrases that are pretty commonplace.

The first, and most glaring example, is “fengshui.”

Fengshui is the philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. So, is your house rearranged in an aesthetic way? I think this is used pretty often but I forgot about it. Great example.

Ping pong is another great example.

Also “gung ho!”…


Which, according to a friend of mine…  “Gung ho is an anglicized pronunciation of “gōng hé” (工合),” which translates to “work together.”

The phrase “long time no see” is modeled after a Chinese phrase pronounced “hao joe boo jian,” which is really cool but it doesn’t use the actual Chinese.

Anyway, I think this topic is on the forefront of my mind b/c of how much Chinese I use everyday, even with my roommate and other American friends. I’m going to go back to America and not be able to use Chinglish! I’m actually sad!



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