Hola Amigo!

In America I think it is pretty common to find phrases from other languages used in normal conversation.
You can hear
Spanish: hola, amigo, compadre, mamacita, casa, etc.

French: c’est la vie (that is French, right?)
Italian: ciao bella

And I think I could go on? But what struck me as interesting this week is that there is REALLY no Chinese equivalent in American society. Which is really a shame because there are some really useful Chinese phrases.

I can imagine why Chinese language hasn’t matricalated mainstream America- Chinese as a language is a little impossible. Not to mention that for forever America had China painted as something sort of bad? Communism and all?

Back to language! It is really difficult to say things accurately (take it from someone who has been studying Chinese for nearly 8 years) so I understand why it isn’t mainstream, but it should be. The Chinese language enables you to say a lot in just a few words.

Oh you want me to give you an example? Good. I was going to anyway.

1. 麻煩 pronounced “ma fawn“- it means “to trouble” or “troublesome“.
How to use it in a sentence? “God, I forgot something at my place. Can I ma fawn you to wait a sec?” or “Ugh getting a drivers license is so ma fawn.”

2.沒有方法 pronounced “may yo bawn fah“- it means “there is no way” or ” it is impossible”
How to use it in a sentence? “OMG there is traffic for miles! May yo bawn fah to get to there.” or  “God the tickets are so expensive. May yo bawn fah.”

3. 看你 pronounced “kahn knee“- it means “it’s up to you” or “you pick”
How to use it in a sentence? “Oh, I don’t know what I want for dinner, kahn knee.”

You know Chinese is important when they make a kids show with a Chinese character as the star! 🙂

Times are a changin’ people! Chinese is a super relevant language to know.

Hope you enjoyed a little Chinese tutoring today. Now go into the world and use Chinese!


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