The incredible part about living in this neck of the woods (or world) is how travel is just so at your finger tips! Hong Kong is an hour away, Kuala Lumpur is like 5 hours away, China is right around the corner, and the closest island of the Philippines is a hop, skip, and a jump away.

So I am currently planning a trip to Australia (Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane) to fulfill a life- long dream, and a trip to Cambodia to meet up with a dear friend after this program finishes. I have a 16 hour layover in Kuala Lumpur and I’ve been researching everything like crazy and it’s an amazing high to be able to pour over blogs, pinterest boards, and articles about these various locations. SO intoxicating.

I had originally booked the flight to Australia and I knew that I had a 16 hour layover, but I kind of forgot (booked it in December). So as I was looking up flights and checking details this past week I rediscovered my 16 hours in KALE, and I’m SO pumped.

It’s also so great to have friends all over the world. I know a couple Fulbrighters in Malaysia, I have a friend moving to Cambodia, and I have a friend from childhood that now lives in Australia. While I don’t mind traveling alone, in fact I really enjoy it, having someone to meet up with, especially someone that is “local”  who can show me around.

This is just a little happy- wonder- lust filled post.


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