Sirens and Silences

I have a cold. A lingering, probably going to become bronchitis, cold. I’ve spent the weekend applying for jobs and prepping for an interview that I had today. While it has been a very restful weekend, I feel restless.

I miss the resounding silence in Shawnee, Kansas when I lay down to go to sleep at night.

I miss the never-ceasing, chattering wail of sirens and trains in the background that makes up Atlanta, near Emory.

I miss going to tea shops to sit and drink tea that is just good for you. And that tea being the cheapest thing on the menu.

I really miss Tostitos.

I miss being in a time zone that is similar enough to my mother’s that I can just call her when I want to.

I miss driving in a car and the privilege of not having to constantly be mindful of the fact that I could be smashed into smithereens at any moment.

I REALLY miss having a dishwasher/dryer/elevator/garbage disposal.

I miss the friendships I cultivated in college. Not that they’ve all fallen off the face of the earth, but I did. Kind of.

Living abroad isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. I want to remember that I struggled sometimes. I didn’t just “vamos ala playa” and play football with my kids. Here is that “sometimes.”


One thought on “Sirens and Silences

  1. Elizabeth Banks says:

    And we miss you also. It’s nice to know you appreciate the “old”. It’s also good to realize in the middle of adventure we sometimes want the mundane. Believing in you and the process.

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