Short Stories from a Monday

Yesterday I sat down next to Sammy, one of my third graders, after turning on Wallace and Grommit for their end of the year celebration. After a while she started to ask me questions.
“What’s the password on your phone?”
“Why are we watching this?”…
then she did something I totally didn’t see coming.
She took her little finger and lightly poked me right under my eye.
“hei se de” “hei se de!”
When I realized what she was referencing, I actually laughed out loud in class.

Yesterday I decided, for once in a quite some time, to wear eyeliner to school, which Sammy apparently found fascinating.

Sammy and I after the eye poking incident

Sammy and I after the eye poking incident

I regularly go to a spin class on Mondays at World Gym with Julianna and Chris.
Stepping foot into the club you’d think you’ve been transported to Vegas. Lots of neon lights and things I assume would be in Vegas: posters with people exercising on them that look like they should be reserved for a Playboy magazine, etc.  The entire place has an intense yet kind of strange vibe. Nevertheless I am so grateful for a place to workout.

Yesterday Julianna was sick and Chris had to meet with a language exchange partner. So that meant I was going to an instructional class given entirely in Chinese without my wingmen to translate and be awkward “waiguoren” with.
Now,  I’ve been to a zillion spin classes and generally understand what’s going on. But you see, we have a very cheeky instructor who always teases us in some capacity, and normally Julianna translates the specifics so I am kept in the loop but it looked like I would be fending for myself.

At a certain point in the class the instructor started talking about “Wednesday” and “air conditioning” but I really had no idea what he was getting at, plus I was trying to concentrate on spinning. Then he looked over my way and I could tell he had just asked a woman to translate for me. The poor woman looked terrified. Then he asked again, more generally. A  younger woman next to me translated that there would be no access to the gym Wednesday because the air conditioning was going to be worked on. When it was evident that she had communicated with me successfully the entire class ERUPTED in applause. It was hilarious. Also a little embarrassing. Afterwards I was able to talk to the younger woman and it turns she studied in the States and has phenomenal English, and I might have even made a friend. Being outside the comfort zone seems to pay off.

That’s all for now!


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