The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

So during my travels last weekend I devoured The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Snaps to the author for writing such a page-turner. I can honestly say I’ve never read a book so fast.

I also I’m a bit late to get on the bandwagon. This book has been out for how long? Since 2005. The movie came out in 2011. Okay. Whatever. I’m behind.

Since I am just now catching up to relevant pop culture I have some questions.

For the record, I really enjoyed this book. I appreciate how the author put Swedish statistics about VAW in between sections of the book. It foreshadowed what was happening and also certainly raised awareness about VAW in Sweden.

But why is it that this book, who’s most gut clenching and page turning moments subsist in the destruction of women and general misogyny, is SO POPULAR? Yes, Lisbeth is a main character and conquers over the misogynistic devil in the book. Yes, yes, yes. I also see that the author in some capacities is raising awareness about sexual assault.

But why was this so interesting? What does it say about our culture that there was significant interest in this book series?

I, similarly, love this Hunger Games. Strong female protagonist, decent plot. I’m all over it. But, what does it say about our culture that we all love to watch people watching people kill each other? Obviously that line of questioning can be applied to lots of other forms of media and entertainment.

I don’t know. I just find it incredibly unsettling. That is all.


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