So, after a VERY full Christmas Eve, Christmas dawned bright and early leaving me bleary-eyed as I got ready to  drive myself to school. I was dismayed to find out I had no idea where I had put my keys from the night before! … I spent a solid 20 minutes looking ALL over for them. Then quickly scooted to school …..and got there only 10 minutes late. The struggle is real.

Feng Jia was having a Christmas Market and assembly for their Christmas celebrations! So each grade sold food or gizmos and the profits went to charity. Before the market started, however, there was the Christmas assembly!

3rd and 4th graders dancing to "feliz navidad"

3rd and 4th graders dancing to “feliz navidad”

Cutest elf of them all!

Cutest elf of them all!

Me dancing with the 1st and 2nd graders to "Santa Clause is Coming to Town"

Me dancing with the 1st and 2nd graders to “Santa Clause is Coming to Town”

OMG the 6th graders did a dance to "I will follow you" from Sister Act 2. It was the funniest thing ever.

OMG the 6th graders did a dance to “I will follow you” from Sister Act 2. It was the funniest thing ever.

So funny and so adorable. Then, just like Da Keng, I performed Let it Go for the kids. The first graders and the parents loved it! lololol.
Afterwards everyone migrated to the market and small talked, played, and ate things for several hours. It was really cool but I felt a bit out of place. Unfortunately I didn’t have ANY money on me because I had anticipated people bringing $$ to reimburse me for the feast the night before, and everyone had forgotten, so that left me with a ripe 95 dollars in my pocket ($3 USD). I was able to buy a few things, but then I was stuck! And all my adorable students wanted to sell me things. So that was pretty uncomfortable, actually. I also didn’t really have a role in the market place so I kind of just floated? Then I thought, this would be a good time to pass out the remainder of my candy canes! So that was nice. After the market was over we had lunch, then I had to teach one class but we watched Elf:)

For dinner at Christmas I had organized  everyone to eat at an Italian restaurant and organized a Secret Santa exchange. It was raining so I really didn’t want to scoot the 10 minutes to the restaurant with the pie and my secret santa gift, so I suggested my roomie and I cab instead. But because it was raining we couldn’t get a cab and we ended up being a solid 15 minutes late to a dinner that we could only be there for two hours (and we had a lot to do!)
I was honestly really frusterated because I had organized everything and I just wanted to sit and enjoy a meal with my people and it seemed like everything was just a bit more difficult than I anticipated. To top it off, we have an odd number and I was stuck at the very end of the table, kind of by myself. God bless Chris, who was kind enough to talk to me throughout the meal but I was honestly feeling just very homesick and pretty over everything. Not exactly brimming with Christmas joy.

BUT ! Stick with me, promise it gets better…
Then secret santa started. Everyone had done a great job and I really think everyone liked their gift. My secret santa was Chia and she gave me a gorgeous white scarf. It is so incredibly warm and it was so thoughtful of her. I was so close to tears throughout the day and  honestly I thought her sweet gift was going to push me over the edge but I was somehow able to keep it together..

I was Chris’s secret santa and ended up getting him a Bear stuffed animal. Sounds goofy, but for him it was a good gift:)

With his present

With his present


The group after dinner/secret santa!

In addition, I had organized people to get our coordinator, Iris, a small gift. So before we left we snapped some pictures and presented her with a few framed photographs of our adventures. She was so suprised!

After dinner I had planned to watch “Love Actually” with Julianna and Chris. So they came over to my place and we watched the movie and drank hot cocao and honestly, that made Christmas for me. In spite of all the small hiccups throughout the day it was nice to unwind and ooh and aaah over a ridiculous movie.

So Christmas is over! Honestly I’m a bit relieved. I was unbelieveably busy with all those fun activities and have finally had a moment to breathe. In addition, the most difficult part of the year is over! It’s purportedly all downhill from here.


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