Christmas Eve Shenanigans Part I

WOWEE! It’s the holidays. Christmas Eve dawned with promise of lots of giggles, candy canes, and Christmas Carols at Da Keng. I had organized every grade to sing a particular Christmas song at an assembly, and brought enough candy canes to school to give to everyone! We all gathered for the assembly and the kids all did a great job in spite of acting shy. It was hilarious. I taught the 3rd graders “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” with a dance and the entire assembly I was just collapsing in giggles.

Logistically speaking, however, this was sort of a nightmare. The projecter was hooked up to a laptop with a Chinese program where you can only type in english if you presd the f(x) button….which took 15 minutes to figure out. Whoops! Also, the laptop was about the age of the dinosaurs and so it moveeeeed so slowwwwww. In spite of it all, the assembly went pretty well. At the end, I had a surprise for the kids. I was going to sing “Let it Go!” for the kids and they could sing a long. My co-worker, Kelly, introduced me with so much build up that by the time the song started all of 1st and 2nd grade were screaming in anticipation which was inducing side-stitch levels of laughter from me.
The kids loved it. Afterwards I told them if they were good they would get candy canes from their Teachers as a gift from me! Then my principal gave me a sweet little Christmas gift.


Me, my principal, a sweet secretary who is leaving Da Keng:(, and Kelly post- concert


This is my co-worker Kelly and Dr. Liao. Dr. Liao is the funniest administrator. He wanted to take a reindeer picture as well.


Kelly insisted the soldier boys take photos with us. Someone saw us taking this picture and said “One happy family…a cute grandma, cute couple, and cute baby.” Kelly could have killed them for calling her a grandma lololol.


This little girl is at school several days a week (she is like 3 or 4) with her mom, but we haven’t gotten to be friends yet! Finally finally we bonded over reindeer antlers. 🙂


She LOVES me, see?


AND NOW SHE LOVES ME! God. Cutest kid ever…. and my unbelievably sweet and cool co-worker Kelly.


In the true spirit of “Frozen” Kelly got me an Olaf for Christmas. She has no idea how appropriate that was.


Don’t mess.


Reindeer antlers were all the rage.


Nana is the cutest.

After the assembly, which took ALL my energy, I got to rest for about an hour then had two classes. Then Christmas Eve Shenanigans Part II started….


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