Cockroaches and 2nd Graders

Two quick stories:

1) Second graders are consistently the most amazing and terrifying students I have. Smiling, cunning, adorable and so dang naughty. My first class of the day I teach with Brandon, a 6 foot something bean pole, and we teach second grade. (Funny thing? It would easily take 3 or 4 of these 2nd graders stacked on top of each other to even begin to equal the height of Brandon.) We have been trying ALL semester to figure out how to get them under control. They are smart, we’ve established that. But they are crai crai! Okay, so that’s sort of the story. It’s not really a story, just an observation I made this morning. I actually kind of respect them for being such little balls of mayhem.

Anway the second story is better. Read the second story.

2) This is one of the weeks that I have “off” with one co-worker for 1st and 2nd grade. Meaning: she does the heavy lifting and I make sure students are paying attention. Today the most ridiculous thing happened. My co- teacher Casey was mid “E eh ELEPHANT” when one of the 1st graders screamed BLOODY MURDER. I’m talking, someone just got shot, there is a pool of blood,  kind of screaming. What proceeded was a handful of students, then the entire class screaming in solidarity.

At first Casey and I had NO clue wtf was going on but then I saw it.

A cockroach the size of a softball. Just kidding. A little smaller- like a baseball. It was scuttling across the floor under the students desk and they were LOSING it. Casey was pissed. I was hopeless. I can’t speak Chinese well enough to calm screaming children!

Somehow, a book or something fell and graciously killed the baseball, somehow leaving it still in tact. So I helped Casey with a broom and a dustpan to deposit the little buddy outside, where he will now decompose.

How was your morning?


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