The Random Things Make It

Warning: There willl most certainly be TMI in story 1. If you don’t want TMI then skip to story 2.

Story 1
Today, while in the ladies room doing my business, I happen to look at the floor and see a HUGE spider crawling  out from behind the toilet.

This wasn’t THE spider b/c lord knows I didn’t have time to take a PICTURE but it is a similar looking spider. How would you feel if this little buddy joined ya in the bathroom, huh?

The predicament here being that I was mid-pee. I couldn’t stand up and run because, well, I was peeing. I also didn’t feel like trying to fight with a spider while sitting, my backside exposed for whatever the savage beast wanted to bite (also a LOT of spiders here jump, like, actually jump…).

So the stare down commenced. Eventually, the spider scurried a few feet to my right which gave me enough time to sprint out of the bathroom, but it was just such a ridiculous experience that I felt the need to share. I’m sure the soldier boy, who saw me sprinting out of the bathroom, now has a well formed opinion that waiguoren are crazy, but what does he really know?!? I started to try and explain the circumstances, but then thought better not. 

Story 2
Last Friday my co-teacher informed me that we would only be able to do about 30 minutes of my 6th grade class because there was going to be an assembly of sorts.  At the end of a crazy week? I would gladly sit through an assembly.
Surprise! It wasn’t really an assembly. The school had brought in a balloon master to teach the kids how to make tricked out balloons. This meant that the token English teacher also got to learn how to make tricked out balloons.


This was initially two different swords, which we were taught how to make into hearts. ❤


We also made belt’s with sword holders, hats, and swords.


I gave my awesome hat-with-dog-on-it to one of my favorite 4th graders- Anita.

 Story 3
It is election season in Taiwan, which means that there are a lot of free and sponsored activities going on to promote a certain candidate, and lots of vehicles driving around with loudspeakers talking about candidates.

So, this week there was a free dinner and KA LAY OKAY at my apartment complex. What this meant was every single doorman was going to try and coerce Melissa, my roommate, and I to turn out for this dinner/Karaoke night. While neither of us were committed to going for long, we did show up for a solid 20 minutes, and in this short period of time were coerced into singing for the group. Feeling nostalgic we picked “You’ll be in my heart” by Phil Collins. As soon as the music started, I realized we were way out of our league, seeing as Phil Collins is indeed a man. So we proceeded to sing the worst rendition of “You’ll be in my heart” so ALL our neighbors could hear. It was AWFUL and SO fun.

I think that the random events and interactions one experiences while abroad can be really defining in their own way. So, hope you enjoyed a short glimpse at some of mine.


2 thoughts on “The Random Things Make It

  1. shops4shoes says:

    We have some scary-big spiders in SK, too! I have been horrified, HORRIFIED, by them. Once, I left the kitchen to grab something in the next room. I was gone fifteen seconds. I came back, and their was a giant spider just hanging out in the middle of the kitchen floor. I have no idea where he came from. I killed him. And it was terrible. GROSS.

    Way to brave it out whilst tinkling. 🙂

    • banksceleste says:

      I find myself thinking….”I just don’t understand where they come from?”…and then I remember I live on a sub-tropical/tropical island. One of the things I WON’T miss when I go home.

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