Tomfoolery, Taipei, and Thanksgiving Part I

Hold on to your hats folks! I had the craziest weekend in Taipei.

AIT gave us a Thanksgiving dinner on Friday and so the opportunity to really spend some time in Taipei was imminent. …but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Met up with Fulbrighters at Taipei’s International Trade Center to get briefed on opportunities in the foreign service. Compelling information indeed.

Then we went to Sun Yat-Sen’s memorial to have lunch and we saw the changing of the guards. (Pretty cool, but crazy over-crowded. I actually watched the changing of the guard on other people’s cell phones…)


Cheesin’ with Taipei 101

Afterwards we went to Taipei’s Modern Art Museum. I’m really not one for art museums so I found this one to be truly bizzare. I ended up wondering around the museum with Ariella, an ETA from Kaohsiung. We went to the very back of an exhibit, then went through these small doors and found a room full of massage chairs. Needless to say the Modern Art Museum went from a fine experience to outstanding, pretty quick.


One of the exhibits was literally this room full of yarn.

IMG_1752 (1)

So, I loved this.

IMG_1749 (1)

Afterwards was Thanksgiving dinner! For some unknown reason we got to the hotel an hour before we could eat, so the tomfoolery began.

I was seated with some lovely ETA’s from Yilan and Kaohsiung. I haven’t had such a hilarious meal in ages. We were all a little delusional due to extremeeeee hunger and were in rare form, for sure. Just to make the mix more interesting, they started serving wine as soon as we got there so we got some kind of happy real quick.

While waiting for food, we realized that every table had a number on it. We were aghast to learn that ours was #15, meaning we would go damn near last to get food (In retrospect this was ridiculous ahem Thanksgiving ahem). In a moment of inspiration, I ran over to a table that had no one at it, and switched the numbers. Unfortunately we found out that dignitaries and Dr. Vocke were at that table later, so it didn’t make a difference what our number was because we weren’t going to go before them, anyway.

Our new number card.

Our new number card. #mischiefmanaged


Plate #1: two rolls, mac’n’cheese, salad, brussel sprouts, some fish, green beans and some chicken salad. WHEW!


Plate #3: Turkey, ham and some desserts. YUM


Plate #3: Mac n Cheese and Mash potatoes






The best ❤

After such a long, crazy day and so many mashed potatoes I called it an early night and then there was….


Saturday I went with Kaohsiung ETA’s Alex, Caroline, and Phoebe to Jiu Fen, a small Japanese village that influenced the making of some movie called Spirited Away. I know nothing about that movie but this place was so beautiful. Unfortunately, it rained all day so we didn’t get to go hiking like we originally intended, but it was a great day regardless. We ended up walking around a good bit checking out all the nooks and crannies. On a sunny day this place would be unreal.


The Japanese village had a market through the tiny alleyways. So many different food choices! So little time!


After much footwork, we settled on an incredible little place for lunch. I got beef noodles. No, I didn’t try the fish peanuts on the right.


This is a terrible picture of a WONDERFUL thing. So, a super popular dish here is sort of a sweet tortilla with ground peanuts wrapped around ice cream. So, so tasty.


We walked by this like 6 times at the market and the girls I was with freaked out every time. Apparently it’s pretty rough: definitely looks like alien brain.

IMG_1784 (1)

Can you imagine if this was clear?!


SUCH gorgeous architecture


After a full day of walking around in this village we headed back to Taipei. Then Alex, Phoebe, and Caroline headed back to Kaohsiung but I met up with some other ETA’s and grabbed a DELICIOUS NYC style burger.

One of the people I had met on a hash run was having a Game of Thrones style birthday party which seemed like a shoe-in for a good time, regardless of the fact that I’ve actually never seen the show. I decided to dress up as Khaleesi because whilst looking at Pinterest it appeared her costumes were by far the easiest to replicate. The three ETA’s I was going with were SUPER Game of Throne’s enthusiasts so let’s just call it an enlightening experience.

Incredible braids that Annabelle, another ETA at the party, did to my hair.

Incredible braids that Annabelle, another ETA at the party, did to my hair.



Having been in Taipei for a weekend, how could I not do a hash? 10k of hills, stairs, temples, and beautiful views.


Start of the run.








Pre run (still okay looking)



So many unbelievable views of Taipei

Needless to say I slept like a baby last night. That’s all for now folks!




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