Questions My Students Ask Me

On Tuesday afternoons I have “tea time” with my students. Students get to come eat some snacks,  drink some tea, and practice English. I normally have about 15-20 kids who attend. They are supposed to prepare questions for me about America or my life (hahaha). So here are are some winners…

Do you have a boyfriend?

Are you married? (In that order…)

America…snakes…yes or no?



Does America have starfish?

Do you know Michael Jackson?

Do all Americans have hair like yours?

Why  are you so beautiful?

Does America have Ebola?

Do all Americans have blue eyes?

Does America have typhoons?

Does someone like you *giggle* in the U.S.? Because you are very popular here!

More to come!


One thought on “Questions My Students Ask Me

  1. Elizabeth Banks says:

    Oh, so sweet. You must be bigger than life to them. How fun that they have this opportunity. Hope you are loving it also. Enjoy! When you do return you are just another pretty white girl. However, your heart and character set you above the rim.

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