This past week was Halloween-week, or Halloweek. Both of my schools wanted lessons on Halloween and school wide assemblies as well as trick or treating so it really was a week long event.

I found this to be a bit ironic because I didn’t celebrate Halloween growing up. Fall festivals? Yes. Harvest Hoe-downs? Yes. Halloween? Not till college. (Hello super sheltered childhood..)

Nevertheless: Halloweek commenced!
I taught about costumes, caramel apples, apples bobbing, corn mazes, trick or treating, hay rides and then on Wednesday had a school wide assembly!

Walking into school in my cat costume was hilarious. I got blanket stares/double takes from teachers and students. Guess they’d never seen a kitty before?

Anyway, by the time the all-school assembly rolled around I wasn’t the only one with a costume!


First in the all-school assembly was the 5th and 6th graders performing what they had prepared for the singing competition. I helped to choreograph, and pick out their costumes.


This is my AWESOME co-teacher and Pinocchio. The kids sang Zip A Dee Doo Da and I’ve Got No Strings from Pinocchio. So precious.




A picture my co-teacher snapped while I was getting ready for the assembly.




Next in the all school assembly: Mummy contest! Each grade sent up one student to be mummified, and two kids to wrap the mummy. I decided to help the 1st graders, who were no the struggle bus.

I suppose I should back track for a second though. I had talked to my principal about doing this mummy activity and how we would need toilet paper for it several days earlier. She asked one of my co-teachers to pick some up. However, my co-teacher didn’t pick up the toilet paper. That brought me to the morning of the assembly, 1.5 hours to go with 0 toilet paper. I have never felt so bizarre as I did walking around in my cat costume asking 7/11’s and Family Marts if they have “weishengzhi?” ….and as it turns out, nobody had  western-style tp. They use tissues here. So I finally made it to something like a dollar store and bought ALL of their toilet paper, and then started buying paper towels. #whenintaiwan #strugglebus

Anyway, I hustled back to school with plenty of time before the assembly and that brings me back to…


3rd graders.


After the kids finished, I had each grade cheer for their mummy to see who “won.”


The aftermath aaaah.


First graders killed the game with their costumes. Boo, robot, princesses, witches, little red. Dang!

After finishing the assembly, the kids Trick or Treated with their teachers, and then school went on, almost like normal!

Friday was my next all school assembly. Feng Jia went ALL OUT for Halloween. Almost every kid had on a costume, and every one was pumped up. Even teachers had on costumes! Parents came to the assembly. I practiced “trick or treat smell my feet blah blah blah” again and then my co-teachers had every single student model their costume, and then we practiced saying what it was in English. So funny.

photo 2 (2)

6th graders!

photo 1 (1)

Some of my favorite 3rd graders.

photo 2 (1)

1st graders are the best!

photo 3

LOVE Willy (he has been recently been features on my insta: celeste_b23)

photo 3 (1)

Witch and Pinocchio:)

photo 1 (2)


Overall Halloweek was a definite win. Having a holiday is a fun way to make English more tangible interactive for students, and I’m excited for Thanksgiving:)


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