High School Reunions in Taiwan

This past weekend I had the privilege of hosting a friend, Shilpi Ganguly! So Shilpi and I went to high school together. She now goes to Washu but is studying abroad in India. She had a long weekend because of Diwali so she came to visit me! It was so fun to reminisce about high school and talk about college experiences. She came in Thursday and left really early Sunday morning (so impressed with her ability to go w/o sleep).

So on Thursday she flew into Taipei and checked out Taipei 101, then took the train to Taichung where I’m at. I figured since this was her first time in Taiwan the most appropriate thing to start with would be bubble tea. So for dinner we went to the tea house that supposedly first came up with bubble tea!

Friday I left work at noon so we could bop around Taichung a bit. I had her try XiaoLongBao, or soup dumplings, then we went to the famous Rainbow village and the Wetlands.

Rainbow village

Rainbow village


The Wetlands aaaah

photo 2(16) SONY DSC

Afterwards I took her to a local nightmarket and then to try mango shaved ice cream!
After such a busy day we decompressed for a bit with some Grey’s Anatomy, then went to a Salsa Club. I have not danced that much in forever (still sore)!

After a very busy Friday, we had a much slower Saturday. Slept in, made banana pancakes, then scootered over to the new side of the city! I took her to my favorite burger joint and then we hit up the Jazz Festival.

While a thoroughly exhausting weekend, it was SO nice to be able to talk to someone from my neck of the woods. Talking about Zona Rosa, the Royals, and the Plaza with someone who loves it just as much is hard to come by in Taiwan!

So let this be an open invitation to any other Raiders or Emory Eagles out there- come play with me!


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