On Thursdays and Fridays in between classes these two GEMS stop by my class room and we play Jenga.

The game is missing a few pieces and the kids cheat the whole time, but it is a fun time nonetheless. Today several other students joined and we played around my desk. The kids were jumping all around FREAKING OUT because, well, it’s Jenga.The kids were so energized and crazy that the table was shaking.

Willy, in the yellow, was particularly loud and hilarious when Minnie, in the blue, yelled at the top of her lungs ANJING!!!!!!

Anjing means quiet in Chinese.

It was just this hilarious moment where Willy, who is very much like the monkey on his shirt was bopping around and Minnie’s only way to settle people down was to YELL quiet.

Can’t EVEN with these two.

imageimagephoto 2(15)image


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