Adventure Time!

For the record, I sort of despise Adventure Time the TV show. What I do not despise is adventuring, in real life. Here are 3 recent shenanigans with HKSG!

1. Today we ventured OUTSIDE our county to Miaoli which has TongXiao Beach. This beach was honestly pretty mediocre in size and cleanliness. However it was sunny the entire day and we had lots of fun. To get there we took a bus to the train station, then an hour long train ride to TongXiao, where we walked to this beach. It is sort of a huge tourist attraction though and so it was pretty pricey to get in ($300 NTD, or $10 USD..). However, we gladly paid the fee in order to beach together. There were tons of small vendors with Taiwanese beach food, water, etc. and several small paddle boat and bumper car things for kids. It was definitely an interesting place! Considering it was about 100 degrees outside and there wasn’t a real cloud in the sky the entire day, I’ve got a few really attractive tine lines I’m currently sporting. When the group wanted to walk from the beach to the food area (about a half mile, out of sight) I volunteered to stay back and watch the stuff (sort of thinking it would take an 30 minutes, tops..). However, my group was gone for a solid hour to hour and thirty. While they were absent this family next to me walked up and offered me cha dan  and this juice tea. Cha Dan (or I think that’s the name) is basically an egg that was hard boiled in tea. It is so good. Let’s just examine that right quick. When would that happen in the U.S.??? Literally never. They had to notice I was alone, and it was the lunch hour. AND they gave me some of their food? Ridiculous. So nice.

We went to Tongxiao Beach and over the course of 5 hours the tide went out just a RIDICULOUS amount. When we first got to the beach this buoy was covered in water.

We went to Tongxiao Beach and over the course of 5 hours the tide went out just a absurd amount. When we first got to the beach this buoy was covered in water.


2. Rainbow Village!
So, when I looked up Taichung on Pinterest, I found pictures of Rainbow village. Seeing as this looked like one of the major toursit attractions I really really wanted to go and organized the other ETA’s to visit on Saturday. Essentially, to prevent this area from being torn down an old man painted it all over. Because it became a tourist attraction, the government didn’t tear it down while developing the area.


This was one of my favorite experiences so far! So picturesque, kind of random, and just so cool!
(Also it was nice to successfully organize an outing…like maybe I can figure this city out!)

3. Biking in FengYuan!
Last weekend we biked in Fengyuan along this SUPER scenic bike path for about 20 miles. It was so beautiful, initially, then there was a torrential downpour again, then it was beautiful. It was so breathtaking and so refreshing to be out of the city amongst a quieter place. It was funny because when it started to pour Jedrek, another ETA, and I decided to keep biking. (whether out of impatience to bike the whole thing or just a healthy sense of adventure I don’t know…) We would come upon tiny overpasses where literally 30 Taiwanese people would be getting shelter from the rain and have to squeeze through them to keep going. They legitimately  \must have thought we were crazy. Oh well!



Tata for now!


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