There are a grand total of 1440 minutes in a day. I think it is particularly pertinent I tell you about some of those minutes for August 15th.

Let me start off by saying that on Sunday a dear friend of mine is getting married and I was so fortunate to facetime into some of the bachelorette party. At 6 AM.

photo 1The Beautiful Bride to Be!

After facetiming her I went on a 5 mile run and started getting dressed for the big reveal. You see, the 15th was also the day I found out about my school placement. I wasn’t nervous in terms of being happy- because I knew I’d be happy wherever, but I was so excited so everyone’s energy/adrenaline was high.

To distract ourselves, and because we were all dressed up, we took some group photos. Below are my current roomies and me, and then our group as a whole.



Shortly thereafter teachers and administrators started to arrive. Then there were a few formal introductions and then each of the ETA’s introduced themselves to the group.


After we all went through our presentations they started to announce where we were being placed! We found out later that the teachers and administrators also had no idea who they were getting so it really was a surprise all around! (This was particularly funny because the administrator of one of my schools came up and chatted me up for 20 minutes before the whole thing started..even though she didn’t know I was “hers.”)


So this photo from left to right is Iris, our coordinator, Dr. Liao, an adviser, Sherry, the administrator that chatted me up, me, Kelly, a co-teacher, and Heidi, another co-teacher. I will be working at two schools BOTH of which are removed from the city and up in the mountains 🙂 🙂 Both of the schools are incredibly small so I will have the opportunity to get to know the students really well. In addition, they are really outdoorsy and activity centered. They also have an African dance and drum team. Yes, you just read that.

They are really close to a system of trails that are great for hiking and running but I am not too far away from the heart of the city, maybe 40 minutes. That’s great considering it takes about 30 minutes to get anywhere, at anytime (or so it seems). Honestly, I think it is a perfect fit and I’m so grateful for my placement. I’ve really liked Taichung, but I think all the “city” is a lot sometimes.

So, my new roommate is Melissa. She is from New York State, has incredible Chinese, and is a gem. We will be living together “in the mountains.”

photo 2(6)

After the ceremony we met with our co-teachers and administrators and exchanged information and started discussing basic details. I really love all of them so far and I am so ready to get started.

After we finished up there we went straight to this amazing Thai restaurant and had a whole bunch of legit dishes that are served so everyone takes just a little bit. Below is a pickled egg dish. It was very interesting, notice that it is sort of see through? I’m not sure I would get that particular dish again, but it was nice to try something new!


After lunch we went to the Taichung Science Museum. I’m not normally a huge museums but this was a fun experience with the HKSG crew. I liked a lot of the spiritual relics and things that they had.


After the museum we all parted ways for a bit. Diane and I took Catherine to the doctor to take a look at her scootering wounds, we napped, and finally met up with the group later to check out Taichung’s night scene. We all really wanted to go dancing, however the club’s/bars in Taichung do not have the best marketing ploys. ( ..Their facebook pages haven’t been updated for 4 years- this was consistent for almost every club.) So, due to our severe lack of information we went to where we thought a club was, and ended up going to a small charming bar that looked like this because it had been shut down for quite a while.

photo 4(1)

I had a pretty mean White Russian there, I will be going back. Atlantan’s it reminded me of Victory.

photo 3(6)

The group en route to the bar that was closed. (Chris giving Catherine a piggy-back due to her injuries..)

While we didn’t find the right bar, we did find an incredibly sweet girl named Jocie who gave us the low-down on the night scene. Apparently we were in the “old people area.” She then offered to meet us at a club later and show us around/get us in for free. She had studied in the U.S. for 5 years and had PERFECT english. We ended up going to meet her at a club called 18, which was so fun. We all goofed off doing just ridiculous dance moves and that finally wrapped up August 15th.

I probably won’t ever annotate an entire day again, but this one felt pretty momentous/diverse.



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